The Lodge At Legacy Ranch


The firm of Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia was contracted to build the Legacy Lodge because of their old-world log craftsmanship. All logs are hand-peeled with a drawknife and the joints are finished with axes and slicks to highlight handcrafted quality. There are two types of log construction - handcrafted log and chink style. The Lodge was built in the handcrafted log style an uses a lateral full scribe and a Norwegian shrink notch system. This precision obviates the need for chinking between logs (just try to get a blade of a knife in most joints).


The log structure itself was built in Canada and transported to Arizona in 20 semi-trucks. The craftsmen are from Canada and Europe and have built the largest log structures in the world ... one of which they are finishing that is over 75,000 sq. feet, the new world record. The Lodge took only two cranes, 8 men and 3 days to re-assemble ... a sight to see!


The logs are a western red cedar; an average of 20" in diameter but most have butts in excess of 30". Inland western red cedar is the most bug, rot,

and shrink resistant of all woods. The life expectancy of the Lodge is 500 years.


Before Legacy Ranch


The Baca, Prince and Bushman families resided on "Turkey Creek Ranch" in the early 1900s, now known as Legacy Ranch.


The picture below shows unknown Bushman or Prince descendents in June 1951 standing in front of "Mother and Daddy's first home - Heber at the Forks. Black Canyon, Turkey Springs." The far right structure in the picture was an old kitchen.


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