ROBERT M. WORSLEY, 56, was Founder, Chief Executive Officer and President of SkyMall, Inc. since he founded the Company in 1989.


At SkyMall, Mr. Worsley saw an opportunity to synergistically bring together airlines, catalogers and airline passengers with their "downtime". SkyMall is now the largest in-flight catalog company in the United States. With catalogs in aircraft seatbacks, SkyMall offers in-flight shopping services to more than 95 percent of all domestic airline passengers each year through exclusive airline agreements including American, Continental, Delta, Southwest, United, US Airways and several smaller carriers.


Over 50% of the business is now conducted on-line via

In July 2001 Mr. Worsley sold SkyMall to Mr. Murdocks’ NewsCorp group that owned TV Guide and agreed to stay and run SkyMall for several years.  Mr. Worsley was successful in raising in excess of $100 million in the first 13 years of SkyMall's existence.


In 1999 Mr. Worsley was named Arizona's Retail Entrepreneur of the year by Ernst and Young.


Prior to founding SkyMall, from 1985 to 1989, Mr. Worsley founded ExecuShare, Inc., that provided time-shared CFO's for smaller companies.  From 1980 to 1985, Mr. Worsley was a CPA with Price Waterhouse, where he last held the position of Audit Manager. Mr. Worsley received a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Brigham Young University in 1980.


Mr. Worsley retired from SkyMall in November 2003 to pursue the expansion and development of the New Mexico and Arizona Land Company, LLC's latent asset potentials.  The company was renamed NZ Legacy, LLC. Today the company is successfully taking advantage of uranium, travertine, cattle and land assets in Arizona and New Mexico.  Plans are underway to develop potash, salt, water, oil and gas, coal and other assets that have not been developed in the past.

Mr. Worsley served for several years on the Board of Directors for the United Families International; a humanitarian interest involved in the preservation of the family unit and served on the executive board of the Institute for American Values in NYC.


In 2004 Mr. Worsley entered the renewable energy field after witnessing the largest forest fire in the history of the Southwest USA.  In October 2007, Mr. Worsley merged the $85mm 25 megawatt biomass plant that he funded

and built called Snowflake White Mountain Power with Catalytica Energy, to form a new company Renegy Holdings, Inc. The plant was subsequently sold to NajafiGroup in October 2010. Mr. Worsley continues to have a 10% interest in the plant.


Mr. Worsley rasied an excess of $125 million for NZ Legacy to date.


Mr. and Mrs. Worsley have been married 35 years, have 6 children, 15 grandchildren and together enjoy their family retreat, Legacy Lodge, in the pines of Northeastern Arizona.


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