Silver Creek


The Silver Creek area is decorated with petroglyphs and pictographs left behind from another era. One can see these symbols depicting life of people that long ago scrawled on rocks and cave walls.


This documented history has weathered through time to give us a glimpse of what used to be: a primitive language on a "message board", if you will.


Silver Creek is one of the few perennial small rivers in Arizona with spectacular 200' cliffs. These cliffs were inhabited by ancient Indians and still house eagles, cougars and other wildlife.


Petroglyph Photos


These drawings represent animals, humans and various unexplainable designs with pottery, basketry or textile materials as the basis for inspiration.


Silver Creek Canyon has the presence of a permanent water supply which allowed the ancient inhabitants a long-term living solution. The Zuni and Hopi traveled to the south to barter for shells and other trade items with the valley

Indians. The trail apparently passed along the Silver Creek.


The age of the rock drawings are unknown. Different periods of time are represented as shown by some drawings superimposed over others. Not only Indians carved on the canyon walls, but early explorers and Mexican sheep herders left their marks.


Today, vandalism has taken its toll. Careless, misguided bullets have destroyed the drawings they hit. Some individuals have added drawings of their own or changed the drawings done by the ancient people.




These photos were graciously provided by the Louise LaVeen family after careful organization and preservation of Arizona's priceless history.


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