NZ Uranium, LLC sold its uranium rights in Colorado to Black Range Minerals, a public Australian uranium mining company and 120,000 acres of uranium mineral rights in McKinley County, New Mexico to Tigris Uranium, a British Columbia, Canada publically listed company.  Both of these transactions occurred over the past several years.  NZ is currently a major shareholder of both companies and looks forward to their success in mining these two areas of the NZ and HNZ 1,000,000 acre mineral estate.


A consulting geologist's report has estimated that probable and possible uranium reserves in the Crownpoint area of New Mexico total 40 million pounds, all amenable to the in-situ leach process. Mining costs are about $15 per pound and the current market price is well in excess of this mining cost.



- 40 million of proven in-situ pounds

- 2,000 feet deep


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Black Range Minerals

Quarterly Activities Report December 11 Quarter 31Jan12



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