Wind Energy Potential For the State of Arizona

Annual wind power density: 164 feet

Annual wind power density: 328 feet

Annual wind power density: 230 feet

Annual wind power density for NZ sections: 230 feet


Arizona's Wind Potential


Wind energy is renewable, environmentally friendly, and seen as a way to revitalize rural economies, creating higher-wage jobs, increasing populations and boosting local tax revenues.


HNZ land holdings, although not in the same category as the Dakotas or Texas for wind generation, are some of the best in Arizona. The most promising tract of land sits upon a high, flat butte of 10,000 acres, generating class 3 winds that are on average between 14.1 and 15.7 miles per hour. HNZ's holdings are also insulated from wind-related storms prevalent in the central states such as tornadoes that have the potential of damaging infrastructure on wind farms.


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